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The first question to ask yourselves is, "What kind of wedding do we want to have?" Start by imagining your wedding, then jot down a few details that stand out. Will your ceremony be in a church? a garden? a tropical locale? Do you see a huge gathering of 500 friends, relatives, and associates? Or an intimate gathering of the two of you with just 4 or 5 loved ones? Are you somewhere in between? As you imagine and discuss, jot down your impressions on the following details:
  • Time of year or season
  • Size of guest list
  • Formality (If you're not sure what constitutes formal, informal, semiformal, etc., ask yourself what kind of wedding clothes you and your fiance would like to wear, and what you have in mind for your attendants to wear.)
  • Locale or destination wedding (city and province or an exotic location, such as Jamaica)
  • Time of day
  • Overall feel or ambience (formal elegance, casual fun, etc.)
  • Number and type of attendants
  • Who will be in the wedding party
Once you've listed these first details, discussed them together and made some decisions, it's time to start some more in-depth planning.

There are lots of places you could start this stage at but just like with any large undertaking, you first start with the big picture and then work your way down to the details. The first issue you need to think about, as it will effect the rest of your wedding planning, is money. You may be shocked when you first find out how high some of the expenses can go. It is possible to plan a lovely wedding on a small budget of $1000, but $20,000 is not considered outrageous in the wedding world.

This information should get you started well down the road of wedding planning. Be sure to visit each section of our site for some ideas on finding vendors and places where you can get further support in the planning process. We hope the information on this website will assist you in making the wedding planning process smoother for you but should you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to CONTACT US

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